Nowtro Jukebox comes with a variety of colorful skins.
Also included is an easy-to-use skin editor so that you can make your own skins!

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New Dots



Pink Alternative

Kurmit Da Frawg

and more!

Nowtro Jukebox is incredibly simple to use...

A user enters their 5-digit ID# at the main login screen to make a request.
If it is their first time logging in, the user is automatically shown a diagram explaining how to use the jukebox to make their requests.
If you are running Nowtro Jukebox on a laptop, a different set of controls will be displayed..
After viewing the controls, the user is taken to the request screen. Here they can browse your mp3 library alphabetically by artist. They make requests by typing in the number of their selection, just like an old-fashioned jukebox!
When you, the administrator, enter your 5-digit ADMINISTRATOR ID# at the main login screen, you are taken to the Administrator Panel. Here you can add new users, retrieve lost ID numbers, change the credits and refill time, pause, skip songs, and more!
Page Two of the Administrator Panel offers even more options, including the ability to manage the queue, change skins, and prevent users from switching out of the jukebox -- great for large parties or pubs!