Have you ever tried to create the perfect music mix for a party, only to find that it is hard or impossible to please everyone? Giving all of your guests unrestricted access to your CD player or iPod can cause further protesting, even pure bloody anarchy!

Nowtro Jukebox enables your party guests to choose which music from your MP3 collection they'd like to hear without the chaos associated with giving everyone unrestricted access to your CD player or iPod.

It functions just like a true jukebox, allowing users to browse artists alphabetically and make requests by typing in the number of their selection on a stylish interface reminiscent of the Nintendo/DOS era.

Nowtro Jukebox can quickly become the centerpiece of any gathering, from a college party to a family get-together, providing an exciting, democratic means of playing music.

Each guests can choose their own unique 5-digit "User ID," which they use to make requests.

Based on the size of your gathering, you, the administrator, can easily set the number of credits each user receives, and as well as the "refill time" -- the amount of time it takes for a user with zero credits to acquire the maximum number of credits.

When a user runs out of credits, they will be "locked out" of the request screen until their credits are automatically "refilled."

Example: Say you set credits to three and refill time to 30 minutes. Used credits will be refilled at a rate of one every 10 minutes up to a maximum of three credits. Click here to view screen shots

Not having a party? You can easily turn the "Require ID" option off. You will be given unlimited credits without having to enter a User ID. Hook your PC up to your stereo and create your own home jukebox!